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In & Out by Mairead Byrne

In & Out, by Mairéad Byrne

Mairéad Byrne has published poems most recently in the Chicago Review Online, Poetry Ireland Review, Smithereens, Icarus, StepAway, Past Simple, and Decals of Desire. Her collections include Nelson & The Huruburu Bird (Wild Honey Press 2003), Talk Poetry (Miami University Press 2007), SOS Poetry (/ubu Editions 2007), The Best of (What's Left of) Heaven (Publishing Genius 2010), You Have to Laugh: New & Selected Poems (Barrow Street 2013), and Famosa na sua cabeça (Dobra Editorial 2015). She emigrated from Ireland in 1994, earned a PhD in Theory & Cultural Studies from Purdue University, and works as a Professor of Poetry & Poetics at Rhode Island School of Design.

Smithereens Press Chapbooks Catalogue:

2013 - present

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Year Title Author
2019 In & Out Mairéad Byrne
2019 Little Deaths Seanín Hughes
2018 Heave Ellen Dillon
2018 Lashed across the Skies Sheila Mannix
2018 A Hierarchy of Halls Christine Murray
2017 dikt/actions osl/ondon David Toms & Maren Nygård
2017 The Beautiful Untogether Catherine Walsh
2017 The Immediate Future Trevor Joyce
2017 female corpse Sheila Mannix
2016 Plays Maurice Scully
2016 Traces Kevin Graham
2016 32 Nights Keith Tuma
2016 The Sea Path Ciarán O'Rourke
2016 The Lighthouses Daragh Breen
2015 Rootless Jennifer Matthews
2015 Taking the Oath Tom French
2014 Left Behind Colm Scully
2014 Atoll Dylan Brennan
2014 Kodalith David Lloyd
2014 Dordéan, do Chroí / A Hummingbird, your Heart Doireann Ní Ghríofa
2013 The Night Ahead Tom French
2013 Three Red Things Christine Murray
2013 from Pensato Billy Mills
2013 LllOovVee Aodán McCardle
2013 Zero at the Bone David Wheatley
2013 Rain Maurice Scully
2013 The Server Room Conor O'Callaghan

Smithereens Press Chapbooks:

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In & Out by Mairead Byrne Little Deaths by Seanin Hughes Heave by Ellen Dillon Lashed across the Skies by Sheila Mannix A Hierarchy of Halls by Christine Murray dikt/actions osl/london by David Toms and Maren Nygård The Beautiful Untogether by Catherine Walsh The Immediate Future by Trevor Joyce female corpse by Sheila Mannix PLAYS by Maurice Scully Traces by Kevin Graham 32 Nights by Keith Tuma The Sea Path by Ciarán O'Rourke The Lighthouses by Daragh Breen Rootless by Jennifer Matthews Taking the Oath Left Behind by Colm Scully Atoll by Dylan Brennan Kodalith by David Lloyd Dordéan, do Chroí - A Hummingbird, your Heart by Doireann Ní Ghríofa The Night Ahead by Tom French Three Red Things by Christine Murray from Pensato by Billy Mills LllOovVee by Aodán McCardle Zero at the Bone by David Wheatley Rain by Maurice Scully The Server Room by Conor O'Callaghan